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87% of manufacturing hiring managers wish their new employees had more robotics experience

In addition to helping small and medium-sized businesses integrate automation and robotics into their processes, Archytas Automation is also tackling the educational sector with an eagerness to help community colleges grow and develop their robotics instructional programs. Through hardware, software, and educational content, Archytas is partnering with schools and educators to help bridge the skills gap. Industries are having difficulty finding skilled employees in robotics, with 87% of hiring managers wishing their new employees had more training. 

Through educational initiatives within the community college ecosystem, Archytas aims to help people thrive using robotics. Archytas is accomplishing this feat through several avenues.

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Partnering with Educators

Archytas has current partnerships with educators at the community college and four-year university levels. These schools and instructors provide valuable data to Archytas for improvement of content and future directions. In addition, Archytas employs interns and apprentices to help schools and students alike. As game changers for future automation, students are eager to learn and educators are anxious to teach relevant industrial applications.

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Collaborate with us

Archytas is grateful to our customers, supporters, and educators who have provided us with valuable data, feedback, and guidance as we build a robust educational platform. Through the commitment from our customers, countless students have been able to use an industrial robot to gain real-world experiences in the classroom. In addition, these students and educators have given great data and feedback on learner uses and have influenced the creation and development of existing and future educational content. Supporters and educators have invited us into their classrooms, conferences, and educational events where hundreds of people have had the chance to briefly experience using the robotic arm to perform given functions. Students and educators have both benefited from the use of the Archytas robotic arm and educational content supplied.

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Cost-Effective Hardware

Archytas Automation manufactures the HDI robot made of approximately two-thirds 3D printed parts. By using additive manufacturing, Archytas is able to lower the cost of robotic hardware and provide an opportunity for classrooms to decrease their student-to-robot ratio. In addition to the lightweight, low footprint of the robot, the on-robot control board creates highly accurate and precise movement. These benefits allow more hands-on learning for industrial applications within a classroom. Additionally, through 3D printing, students can design and build their own end effectors for any application. This learner experience develops creativity, engineering, and technical skills needed within industry.

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Easy-to-Use Software

The ease of programming the HDI robotic arm ranges from very easy to complex. It is compatible with any learner’s programming level. Starting basic through using Scratch code blocks, users can manipulate the robot to move without any programming experience. For the advanced programmer, the robot can be coded using JavaScript, the world’s most popular programming language. The HDI robot has several other programming capabilities that work alongside these methods. These include physical manipulation by simply moving the robot to the user’s specified location and saving coordinate values or joint locations. All options create ease for both educators and students.

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Content and Labs

Educational content has been created to simulate real-world, industrial applications. Through integration with existing curriculum, Archytas is collaborating with educators to create the most educational-effective labs and content to help educators train their students. 

Archytas is committed to its customers. Technical support and instructional support are readily available to meet the needs of students and educators. The goal of Archytas’s educational initiatives is to provide an easy-to-adapt offering for robotic arms within classrooms through all necessary components. Collaborating with partners is the first priority.

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