Solutions that
transform business.

Archytas provides design, manufacturing, installation, training and ongoing support of automation solutions engineered specifically for your operation; driving lower operating costs, higher productivity, better quality, less waste and improved safety. We are true partners that help you scale your business profitably while helping your employees expand their knowledge and capabilities.

Our difference.

We are building a Global network of microfactories. Placing these fully autonomous engineering and production sites near our clients is a game changing model, allowing our people to work in close proximity with you and your team to deliver superior service and support. The first microfactory is in Irvine, CA.

Made locally in on our microfactories, our robot is a light, agile, micron-accurate technology designed to notably change the economics and accessibility of robotic arms. How notable? Approximately 50% less cost than most competitors with lower operating and maintenance costs on top of that. There’s a lot to know about our robot and how it comes to life.

Industries served.

Currently, Archytas is investing in people, partnerships and equipment to serve the packaging industry. We are receiving requests for engagements in other application areas and are continually reviewing the next business category we will support with our differentiated model and technology.

Let’s talk automation.

To learn more about how automation can make your production better, faster and easier, or to schedule a demo, please reach out. We look forward to meeting you and we’re ready to serve.